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"The Real Thing "
An overview into our ministry efforts the the year of 2009 33 min.

"Worship Destination "
A sample of our worship time. This was at our church on Easter sunday 2009

"A Father's Love "
4 minute wmv an story about a father and a son that demonstrates the Love of God (12mb)

"The Journey"
6.5 minute mpg A look into Childrens and Youth ministry

"VCF Small Groups"
5 minute mini-movie covering "Our 5 priorities of small groups"

"Who are we? "
46 min overview of VCF phoenix ministry in 2006 (74mb)

"Empowered Evangelicals "
6.5 minute video on how we develop in ministry of the Holy Spirit.

"Serving at VCF "
Serving at VCF is a significant part of church life

"Making Disciples "
Inviting friends to church makes a difference!

"Becoming Bringers and inviters "
Learning how lives are impacted by inviting others to church !

"The House that Love builds"
42 min overview of VCF phoenix ministry in 2007 (80mb)

"Teach em' to pray "
9 min testimony of VCF phoenix's Childrens ministry June 08